[WX] Cannot find path specified.
I'm trying to load Digital Devil Saga cheats on PCSX2; the cheats were codes using Omni convert v1.0.3. PCSX2CE was used to create the PNACH files. One fix mentioned online was to fix the folder's settings. I've done that, but the error persists. I'm positive I'm doing something wrong, because it's my first time making an attempt at PCSX2 cheats.

((Both of the following sources were tried with the same steps shown in the image below.))
((Input for OmniConvert was set to Action Replau MAX.))
AR MAX Codes Source 1 (User Skyeraven)

AR MAX Codes Source2

[Image: 22790717.png]
Things tried -
* omniconverter to Raw/unencrypted Codebreaker (Output)
* "Cheats" changed to "cheats"
* PCSX2 Folder moved to C:/PCSX2
* Binary version downloaded and extracted.
More detailed info on page 2.

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Source 2 is for the PAL Edition if not mistaken, since it's the UK Site Smile so u need to look for the codes on US.codejunkies.com
Source 1 was US, though. Source 1 was also the source shown in the image. I'll give it another shot, though and let you know how it works out this time.
don't forget to convert them with omniconverter to Raw/unencrypted Codebreaker (Output)
Looks like your folder is Cheats and PCSX2 is looking in cheats (yeah case sensitive)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
The output was wrong, as StriFe79 suggested, so I fixed that.
I also tried the codes with the folder labeled as "cheats" and "Cheats" with the new codes, however the problem persists.

Any other ideas?
Try moving your whole PCSX2 folder to another like C:/PCSX2
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Would you suggest I do it with the bios and plugins as well? Just the PCSX2 folder didn't yield any results.
Oh you've installed the program...ok do this: Download the binary version here: http://pcsx2.net/files/28279
Extract it in C:/PCSX2, copy your bios,memcards,inis and patches in there from your old install and try using that instead
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Successfully downloaded and extracted, and I did as you requested, still no luck. Might the Pnach file be case sensitive as well?

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