Wait Loop Detection - Side Effect
I have recently started trying to get PCSX2 to a point where i can play Gitaroo man (Due to my PS2 Dieing on me Sad ).

And I noticed, the Enable wait loop Detection does increase my FPS from 55-60 variable to almost a flat 59-60. HOWEVER it completly changes the timing of the screen presses...

Just thought i would mention this as it is marked as having no known side effects and personaly i would consider changing rythem game entrys a side effect. Just somthing you may (if you have time) want to look into.

(Note this was tested in both the major release and Build 5100 with the same result)

Also props to cottonvibes for the new MTVU hack! now i can use more of my I7 power ^_^.

CPU: I7-920 - 2.67 Ghz (Quad with Hyperthreading)
Memory: 6GB DDR 3
Graphics: BFG 285 GTX
Mobo: EX58-UD3R


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That's probably not technically an emulation difference and is instead something on the host side.
When you say the host side, are you referring to my hardware or the game coding ? or somthing else?

I am a very curios personso i always like to try and get to the bottom of things if i can ^_^

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