Walking in games using a keyboard?
So in almost every PS2 game you use the left analog stick to move ( there are probably exceptions but I am not talking about them) and you can usually depending on how far you push the analog stick you can either make your character either go full speed or have them walk by lightly pushing it.

So I have no controller available and I kinda just like playing with a keyboard and mouse.
Typically I use WASD as movement for the left analog stick but I realize I cant choose wether to either make my character run or walk since its just a button.

The question is:

Can you do something to maybe toggle so when I press like W I go forward with normal speed and maybe I press some other button and the next time I press W my character goes at a slower speed.

Sorry if this was something asked before. This is the first time I am using this site for help.

Thank you in advance

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