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will pcsx2 be able to answer why on my desktop it runs perfectly and also on my laptop runs perfectly. but when my laptop is on battery life the frame rate drops but my laptop is running on maximum performance for my traditional games....

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Emulators are not "traditional games", they require a lot more CPU power. It is likely your laptop is running in a lower power state, especially when the battery is running the show and it isn't enough for the emulator to function at full speed.

You also need to make sure your windows power profile is set to "Maximum performance" when on batteries, else you will experience frame drops due to CPU throttling.
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you switched to a different power profile or power settings when you went to battery.. check out your options there, like refraction said..
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Ufortunately I have never been able to get full performance out of mine no matter what settings I tinker with (Both windows power plans and Nvidia control panel) Every option I can find is set to performance but once plugged in performance nearly doubles.
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