Waves on screen? DA:2
        I've been working the last few days to get baldurs gate Dark Alliance 2 to run smoothly for me, and i think for the most part ive got it down. I'm just having one issue now, and i'm not sure how to fix it; Remember ever playing a game and seeing wierd "waves" moving up and down your screen whenever you moved? Thats the issue im having, and im not sure how to fix it. I'm a bit agitated because ive seen videos of people running it at 60fps completely smoothly - any help i can get i will take. 
Specs: Intel Core I7-7700HQ ( @2.8 GHz) / Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI /8gb RAM
 - im on a gaming laptop i had manufactured a month and a half ago, so it cant be the screen going out, and i have a curved 4k hd monitor i bought at the same time, so it cant be my screens going out on me..

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Can you provide your PCSX2 version and a screenshot please?
Hey, im using Git rev.bb5f989 - believe it was posted like 4-5 hours ago, and do you mean a screenshot of the issue in game?
sorry for the double post, my edit wont go through; getting a screen shot in game is hard because its only an issue when im moving or rotating the camera, for example when rotating the camera its like the image in the background isnt getting enough frames to smoothly present the environment in moving the camera around, and when i walk it manifests as wierd "waves" in the screen as i walk past things, like a ripple in the screen of some sort. I could maybe record a video of it and post that?
sorry for the low quality, just a quick video from my phone
Sounds like interlacing. Did you try changing the mode in the GSdx settings or using F5?
Im not sure about the GSdx settings, how do i get to them and what do i change? ill try the F5
Edit: just messed around with the settings, they seem to have an adverse affect on the game aside from auto :/

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