Way of the samurai (1) - Graphical Issues
Hello there!
I'm currently trying to get this old game I remembered to work. I've actually been able to set it up once on my old PC, and successfully fixed this very issue. However, that was years ago, and I have absolutely no idea as of how I did this. Maybe you guys can help?
Theres a picture attached to show you how this mess looks like. Its changing to different graphical glitches with every single camera movement, one worse than another. Using anything other than OpenGL Hardware will result in the same glitch, but this time actually with an additional blackscreen.

My PC:
- Windows 10 64 bit
- RTX 2070 Super
- i7 10750H 6-core (12 virtual)
- 16GB RAM

The emulation settings are set to the 3rd preset, nothing changed. I hope you can see that even tho its set to german.
I changed up a few things with the plugin, as the game looked horrible, and had the very same issue before anyway despite this. Changing up a few things there didn't help so far.

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So, after about 2 more hours of testing stuff I've actually figured it out myself.
In case anyone else struggles with this: It's as simple as going to the manual game fixes tab, and activate EE-Timing Smile.

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