Way to dump PS2-Bios without needing to buy any hardware/SwapMagic?
I have a fat PlayStation 2 and I need a way to dump the BIOS from my PS2 withouting having to buy any additional hardware. I don't have my hards on a PS2 Network Adaptor. I'm not afraid to open up my PS2 (infact it's lying on my floor open right now) to proke/prod anything that I need to proke/prod to get this to work.

What I need to do this is a way to be able to load up homebrew software without modifying the hardware for my PS2. I've seen guides on softmodding around, but they all require the use of either a PS2 Network Adaptor and/or a Codebreaker disk and/or HD Loader. I don't want to have to buy anything like SwapMagic or Codebreaker, and HD Loader requires the use of the PS2 Network Adaptor to be able to connect hard drives.

Any ideas?

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I think you can run the bios dumper by USB using ulaunchelf but I'm not really sure about it and you would still need a compatible USB flash memory I guess.
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Get someone who has a homebrew enabled ps2 to create a memory card exploit for you.
You'll basically need a psx disc, the friend with homebrew ps2, and the needed files (all free).
Watch the video tutorial under the projects page on www.gaming-overhaul.webs.com the most you could end up spending is $5. All you need is a computer that can burn dvds, a blank dvd, a fat ps2, a usb storage device, a 8 or 16 Mb Sony memory card, and a compatible ps2 game (explained in tutorial). Most people have these things so its the best method i know of and worth the possible $5 cost of buying a ps2 game that works with the method
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