We are abandoning VM
Ok, it's official.
We will be abandoning vm version, and jake has given me the ok to let you all know Smile

So, in the next few days the vm version will not be there to be compiled anymore. You will only be able to use the vtlb version, which will become the official and only version of pcsx2 playground.

The advantages of the vtlb version are as follow:
- much more easier to code and debug
- much easier to optimize
- it's impossible to code some structural changes with the vm version there if you want it to work again someday
- much less time wasted trying to get the vm to work again XD

So basically, the vm version gives us many problems and slows down development, and so it will have to go.

There are a few drawbacks
- vtlb is still slower in some games than vm, but we expect to bring it up to par and to eventually surpass vm in speed quite soon.
- vtlb still can't play a very few games that the vm could. We are aware of this and are working to solve this. In the meanwhile, for those games that do not work with vtlb, you can use the official beta 563. Note we're talking of very few games, we are aware of about 10 at the moment.

So this is it. It's been nice having you vm, but you have to go Tongue

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That's a bummer I liked the vm version. I understand coding complexities and keeping one line of code is easier then 2 or 3 or more.. But it's still a bit of a bummer that vm is the one getting cut and not vtlb.
Nice, VM version should be shutdown soon. Vtlb version is getting better and more compatible
Yeah but simply put the easiest to deal with solution almost always is not the best solution when it comes to coding. Basically it's hard to make things fast and accurate. One or the other is relatively simple. So while it might make it easier on the coders to manage and update I hope it doesn't lead down a dead end path.
I strongly support this move.
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me too! vtlb works good enough so that VM can RIP
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If vtlb does not surpass vm version by speed, really soon, I will be really disappointed. :/
*man in a dramatic timeline changes 1st the DC mode was obselete now comes the VM

*that vtlb looks merged?
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Great. Now would be a good time to re-release last working VM with new memcard code, to rescue those stuck with VM states.
Well, the newest vtlb version is faster in some case then rev.563 vm
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