Poll: What operating system do you use for PCSX2 Playground?
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Windows 32bit
103 37.87%
Windows 64bit
123 45.22%
Linux 32bit
10 3.68%
Linux 64bit
36 13.24%
Total 272 vote(s) 100%
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We are dropping x64 PCSX2 Playground builds!
After heavy discussions with the playground team, we plan to drop the x64 builds in the future.
This means we will focus solely on 32bit Windows/Linux builds.

We have many good reasons for doing so, and we just thought it's best the public know in advance.
You guys can discuss your thoughts here, although the decision has already been made and will not likely be changed.

Also, please take the time to answer the poll, so we have an estimate of what OS the majority of Playground users use.

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As cotton said. There are many reasons for this change. Just naming a few...
- Big increase in complexity of maintaining both versions
- No increase in performances as the emulator is structured now
- Dubious increase in performance in general even if we were to restructure it...
- It's not like we are a 100 persons project, and maintaining both versions would take a lot of resources
- Let's face it, few people use a 64bit OS AND you can always run 32bits versions on a 64bit OS, though I must admit it's a lot harder in linux. But it's possible...

I want to add that maybe a x64 version will reappear in the future, but it won't be anytime soon. So do not count on it.
though i checked both win 86 and win 64 i'm for the decision to remove the 64 bit ver

since coding should be fun not annoying^^
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Well, if there's no performance advantage of the 64 build ,
I don't see the point of the 64 bit version.
Maybe we could make pcsx2 eat more RAM, I don't know ...

Also, it would be nice if you avoid to "hard code" stuff,
that will make switching to 64 bit harder.
I mean , that's fine for now to stick to 32 bit, but you might change your mind in the future...
Drop x64. Anyone who wants it could always build there own, and if it keeps the codebase clean than you really aren't losing anything.

Could always be revisited once x64 specific optimizations start making their way into the build, but that isn't an issue at the moment.
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I use Win x86 and Linux 32Bits, but all i want Wacko its a better ZeroGS plugin for Linux, cause, i cant run some of the games i have with that plugin, Wacko its not even the 0.97 version its the 0.96, so its awful.

All i can do, is run the PCSX2 Win Version through a VMWare Worktstation 6.5 ( 3D Acceleration with DX9 - Shader 2.0 ) with XP, and have games with the GSDX fully playable, but its annoying.
I can't remember when was the last x64 build????Wacko

Its like dropping something which never really existed.
The x64 build basically was a Linux-only endeavor. Linux, unlike Windows, makes it a royal pain to run 32 bit apps on top of the 64 bit kernel. Additionally, some of the Linux plugins don't work very well unless compiled in 64 bit (which we're hoping to fix).
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
okay perhaps i should clarify.
we're going to be deleting everything pertaining to x64 builds, not just the builds.

Arcum42 had been maintaining x64 source to be compilable/runnable.
but we plan to remove all the x64 source soon.

one of the reasons is that we're going to be doing more major rewrites, and we'll end up having to mirror the x64 code whenever we rewrite something.
also the x64 code will be slower unless we specifically optimize pcsx2 for x64. (e.g. a quickly-coded x64 port will always be slower; one of the reasons is that memory read/writes have a penalty compared to 32bit, so optimizations in other parts of the emu would have to be made to compensate for this speed loss)

the funny thing is, so far nobody has voted for x64 linux in the polls.
which means this change will effect very few people; as we were worried about the difficulty of running 32bit binaries on 64bit linux.

anyways, i'm glad the comments have been supporting the decision so-far Laugh
Well, I think the problem is, that only few people actually do have pcsx2 running on 64bit Linux.
Its a pain in... you know.

I tried it several times and I am running 64Bit Linux (more than 4 GB Ram) - so actually whenever I want to run the emu, I have to switch over to 32Bit Windows to play games. Sad

If you change your poll to "would you want that pcsx2 runs on 64Bit Linux", this would increase the vote count quite much, I think.

However, its your decision and I am fine with it. Its your project and I am gratefull that you folks took the time for this EMU at all. I hope that you -indeed- think about the future when re-developing pcsx2. There will be a time where 32-bit-apps will be a minority and a switch over to 64bit would be the preferred solution. Would be another pain then to re-develop everything because there was too much 32-bit hardcoded. Wink

Regards, Bigfoot29

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