Weak Computer for this emulator?
Hey I just started using pcsx2. I was playing final fantasy x and it runs and sounds fine until i actually start up a new game. i tried to configure the best i could. i just dont know if i have a strong enough computer. If it should run ok any hints on how to improve? It runs epsxe like a dream.


Windows Vista 32-bit
Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 @ 1.8 GHz 2MB Cache
256 MB NVIDIA GeoForce 8400M GS

Any help and insults would be welcome

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Sounds about right. 1.8GHZ is slow for PCSX2. 8400M GS is not that great, either.
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Weak PC but you should be able to run FFX fine, a couple hints:

1) get the latest beta
2) "config > configure" choose GSdx as Graphics plugin and ZeroSPU2 as Sound plugin or SPU2-X (checking the "disable effects processing" option)
3) "config > graphics" check the "native" option and choose the Direct3D10 (Hardware) renderer if you can.
4) "config > speedhacks" turn on all the speedhacks including "x2 cycle rate" and "vu cycle stealing" set to moderate
5) go to "config > advanced" set clamp modes to none (this might cause the emulator to hang in a few places but if it hangs you can simply turn them to normal or extra to pass those parts)

Now this is the best you can do for speed but it's not warranted to work fast enough anyway and it's only for FFX as other games wont run playable or stable with this settings. I played FFX with this settings on my E2160 just fine but it might be slow in some parts anyway :P

Oh also if you're not doing it already make a ISO of your game and run it directly from PCSX2 that way.
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great thanks alot. yea i went through and made ISO's of all my Final Fantasy games (7 to 10). 10 will probably be the only ps2 game i want to play on here. i know what to look for now when i go to get a new computer. not bad for a 2 and a half year old computer.
Check my sig for my specs, but the above guy is right, usually with enough tweaking I can get games full speed or more. Like he said if you can't get good speed on the 0.96 try some betas, including beta plugins
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