Web app for Buzz controllers
Hi all, seeing as I was unable to visit family/friends this Christmas, I decided to find a way to play the old Buzz! games remotely via screen share. Thankfully, the USBqemu-wheel plugin was recently updated to add emulated Buzz! controller support, so all that I needed to do was write a Python app that simulates key presses when receiving web requests.

Despite some slight issues with latency (which didn't detract from our fun), the web app worked great for our needs! Needless to say it's not the most beautiful piece of code you'll ever see, but it worked great for my needs. You can find the code/instructions on GitHub: https://github.com/DanTarl/buzz-controller-web-app. The web app:
  1. Supports up to eight players
  2. Allows the user to make their controller full screen
  3. Allows player 1 to pause/resume emulation (works best when window hiding is disabled)
Apologies for posting this after Christmas/New Years where it might have been better used. Hopefully it's still useful though!

Any questions/queries/suggestions are welcome. Either here or on GitHub are fine.

Happy Buzzing!

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