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It may be rather early to be making this suggestion but once the online capability of Pcsx2 works with more games (if it will) then could this website make a board or sticky of some sort for pre-organising certain games, since the chances of finding somebody else online with Pcsx2 on currently Ps2-dead games is very small.

For example games that have their servers taken down as of now such as Outbreak 1+2 and SOCOMs etc.

Since this is the most concentrated space of people who use Pcsx2 a lot(obviously LoL).

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(09-08-2011, 08:02 PM)Fezzer Wrote: once the online capability of Pcsx2 works with more games

It works with most online games, problem as you said is there's not many servers still alive.
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Sounds like what Fezzer is wanting is a forum where players could swap IP info to link directly to each other instead of going through matching servers (for games that have that capability, of course).

Basically what people used to have to do for multiplayer games before Gamespy & its ilk were published.
Oops didn't realise people answered Blink.

Yeah I was wondering is it possible to do direct connections for games where their servers are dead. I understand its a simple thing for PC games but PS2 I'm not so sure.
I accidentaly noticed this thread. Wink

Well, we are working on this even before this topic was created. So stay tuned. Smile
I approve of this ^ Laugh
ignore praful, hes a tennis playa. Laugh

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