Weird Analog Stick Issue
Edit: Fixed it, it was making dual bindings which just had to be cleared.

So, i recently (yesterday) bought a new controller, since my last 2 died a few weeks ago. Some generic, 10 euro thing, nothing special, but i've been using such controllers for years now.
I installed the drivers that came with the controller, went and calibrated everything (they are a bit off, but nothing really noticeable) and fired up the emulator. Set up the pad, booted NFS Hot Pursuit 2, and just wanted to try a casual race. The second i hit the throttle (right stick up) the car went forward and left (left stick... left) without me touching anything else. Same applied for reverse. Turned off the game, went to check in the pad and got the figures listed in the attachments below.

    - left stick to the left
    - left stick to the right
    - neutral
    - right stick back
    - right stick forward

As you can see, what happens is that whenever i move the right stick vertically, for some reason it also registers it as a horizontal left stick input as well. In any case, any help or advice would be appreciated. Also, if you need any further info, i would be happy to provide.

Also, i went to see if i screwed up the calibration at some point but no, all the inputs there registered normally, the axis' being fully independent from one another.

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