Weird Audio Popping noise w/ .hack//Infection

while a bit offtopic first off, really love the optimizations as of late in 1.3+ right into the 1.5 dev builds getting decent performance where i can reasonably upscale and WS patch (didnt use WS patch here because it kinda.. Broke) on an older AMD Late end FX Build (8320E and my 8350 second machine) so Kudo's to the devs! (finally those who are stuck being amd plebs can enjoy PCSX2..)

Now to the subject, after completing .hack//Last Recode (atleast Vol 1~3 as im trying to get everything possible done before moving to Vol 4,) i had the itch to play the "dothackers Era" game line (infection~quarantine + fragment) last i messed with these original games in pcsx2 i don't recall this being a problem but they wernt playable either (this beginning sectionyou'd see quickly the feild "Mirror" and glitch when panning around the camera before freezing and causing a crash. [this being a verrry old 0.7+ build pf pcsx2] but it got as far aswhere you would get to where orca tells you teh basics like in this demo video before it'd crash. just without this odd audio popping. you can hear it pretty quick once at the start then afterwards it gets more noticeable and frequent.

SPU2-X Settings:
[Image: nzzdECz.png]
GSdx settings:
[Image: WRaxFZU.png]

Emulator settings set to Preset 2
using build g0845430eec "Compiled march 3rd 2018" (its a bit dated but havent seen anything yet on changes to the SPU outside a plugin UI Fix, but will grab latest after post.)
PC Specs that matter (this machine and second are nearly identical outside the CPU)
AMD FX 8320E (second machine: 8350)
MSI Geforce GTX760
16GB DDR3-1333 Ram

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set to 2-Cubic+2-DirectSound.
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