Weird EE Problems.
Gentlemen. I am have a very odd problem with PCSX2. I have read a lot of people say it has to do with your hardware... but after reading many, many threads about low end computers having the same problem I had. Frustrated, I went into troubleshooting it and I have been unable to really fix the problem...

So, I guess I will start from the top!

Recently, I upgraded my PC from a Quad Core 2.6 GHz Processor to a Intel i5 3.30. (i5-2500k) and upgraded my video card from an Radaeon 4700 to an R7970 Double Dissipation. Still sitting on 8 gigs of RAM. Windows 7 64 Bit

I installed, at first, PCSX2 0.9.8. Got my motionjoy setup and messed around with Dokapon Kingdom. A simple game I enjoyed playing a few years back and everything went swell.

Until I decided to retry the dreaded. (I say dreaded because I read up on it before downloading it. Reading its notorious problems and headaches for people.) Valkyrie Profile 2, Silmeria. I ran into the typical problem of the game choking and had to resort to speedhacks, (EE Cycling.) To get the game to cooperate and run.

I could care less about the games few graphical bugs that can be fixed with software mode, or the lines in the cinematic that I can skip. I already beat the game before. It wasn't being annoying. It was playable. It cooperated. I was fine with it.

However, the EE Cycling continues to skyrocket. And the EE Cycling itself causes the games sound audio to become horrid and stutter drastically.

Reading up and around I went to install PCSX2, Thinking my version of PCSX2 was possibly a problem. I poked a bit at it. Got 1.0.0 up and going. Works the same, Got everything running smooth but the EE Chokes at some points. Audio is fixed however, but when in combat, the game just takes a nosedive. FPS Dropping from 60 to below 45. The EE hitting 100%.

Perplexed, I dug a bit more and I /was/ going to try this on - but the Motionjoy setup requires Lilusb. I really do not want to mess with the controller settings. So I have yet to fiddle around with as I doubt this is going to fix my EE Stuttering problem.

I am using all out of the 'box' plugins that come with PCSX2 -besides- motionjoy for my controller.


How can I get me EE to cooperate without using the speedhacks to cycle the EE Faster. Should I overcloak my CPU? I don't think this /is/ the problem.

I have 4 available threads. Only using 1 for PCSX2. Should I use two threads instead? I am using maybe 15% of my CPU When PCSX2 is running. Its not even making my system break a sweat. This is why I am perplexed and think maybe some coding, or just how PS2 Emulators are, is bottlenecking itself.

Any other tips or tricks you guys might have to help the emulator run smoother, I am all ears. Maybe I am looking at the problem in the wrong place.

Screenshots Below to help people who need to visualize.


EE Is a bit out of control. What are some ways I can control it without using the speedhack EECycling that kills my Games Audio?

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ok here comes your solution!

EEcycle at 2 (just do it, its not a bad hack)
ENABLE MTVU HACK this will make the game go fullspeed guarenteed

plus dont go crazy on the internal resolution, 4x should be fine, and about those lines in cutscenes, use skip-draw hack = 1 and those are fixed too.

EE is high because valkyrie profile is a demanding game, same with games like metal gear solid and shadow of the collosus (although shadow can be played really well because of the VUcyclestealing hack, not reccommended for other games tho)
Quote:I read up on it before downloading it

Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
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