Weird Frame Changes
Alright, so I have a computer I just put together about...a week ago? I just bought persona 4 today and ripped the iso from it, and I've been playing it. In some spots in it, and in other games, my fps will dip to 40 FPS (66%) and be limited to that, which I don't understand because my computer when not limited can run games twice as fast as they should be. Is it a settings issue? Speedhacks aren't doing anything to resolve it either. Can I get some help on this? Thanks. Specs:

core i7 920
6gb patriot ram 7-7-7-20 ddr3 1333
asus p6t se
Nvidia 8800GT 512mb

The video card is from my old computer until the ati 5 series comes out in a few days. I'm running the emulator in dx9 at 1920x1200 (26" monitor). No speedhacks are enabled and everything is pretty much vanilla.

Edit: Yes I am using the latest beta.

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Show us your settings.
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Vsync enabled?
(09-21-2009, 12:18 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: Show us your settings.

Here. I run it at 1920*1200 because it wont run at 60 fps native.

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Are the slowdowns in battle with certain enemies? I've played persona 4 completely through and there are occasionally some shiny enemies that will completely trash your FPS (specifically the golden hands and 1 type of the raven enemies and 1 type of the "mall cop"ish enemies)

Using an older version of gsdx (1398) helped a ton for me making the slowdown much less extreme but still noticable.
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Disable Vsync, and try DX10 mode.
Oh, and in cpu config, revert all the fps settings to "0". They make no sense Tongue2
I did do the fps setting revert, I was just messing around one day. I also disabled vsync and that helped a TON. I'll try dx10 when i get off work. Thanks guys.

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