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Weird Graphics Problem With The Sopranos Road To Respect
(04-09-2015, 12:16 PM)willkuer Wrote: Please provide the full emulog after you observed the problem.
Disable Widescreenhacks and cheats if they are enabled.

Actually i didn't think of it. Can confirm that the widescreen hack for this game is what's causing the HUD to stick around. Since the "surface" area is expanded for widescreen, the HUD elements do not travel far enough to the sides to be completely hidden, so it's merely a case of an incomplete hack.

For all intends and purposes, the game itself is virtually perfect in both software and hardware rendering.

EDIT: So it would seem that this black rectangle i mentioned before that appears in front of the player is actually the layer of fog. It's rendered correctly in software but is borked when using hardware rendering. Skipdraw set to 1 will promptly get rid of it for good.

EDIT 2: Here i will list all the settings that for the best compatibility. Someone feel free to add them to the wiki or something if they're not already mentioned

1) EE cyclerate to 0. Any other setting will cause the FMVs to slow down, jitter and desync.
2) VU cycle stealing to 0. Any other setting will incrementally make the gameplay more and more choppy without actual speed loss.
3) HW RENDERING ONLY: GSdx skipdraw hack to 1. Will get rid of the problematic fog layer.
4) Widescreen hack OFF: It's incomplete and the HUD elements will not fully get out of view.

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