Weird Problem with xbox 360 controler
So, i havent been able to find any thread or video to help me with this issue.
I just got the pcxs2 for the first time. I'm running the pcsx2 1.6.0 on a windows 10, using an old xbox 360 controller that seems to be workking with any other game on my pc. And the pad pluguin i have is the LilyPad 1.12.1.
I run through the configuration process for the controllers (i tried with directImput on and off), while i'm setting the keys to my joystick buttons all seems well, the configuration window seems to recognise my controller. However once i load the ISO my controller wont work at all. So far tried wit Zone fo the ender and Shinobi.

Please i someone could help me with this issue I would be thankful.

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Just a quick update. Just tried configuring the controls to the keyboard and it also didnt work.

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