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Weird Question????? Lol.
Hey Again, I was wondering... i had Spyro the dragon layin around(PS1) i made an ISO out of it..and i tried to load it into PCSX2.. an it wouldnt work????

My question is, how come the actuall ps2 system playes Ps1 games...but This Emu will not??

Thanks in advanced!!!

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the actual PS2 system emulates PS1 games, in fact.
it was unuseful to add an emulator inside another one, considering very good Psone emu already exist for PC
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thats true...but i thought since in fact that the PS2 did play its predecessor, i thought the emu would too.... im always curious about that kinda
We're missing a few tricky parts yet.
Once those are implemented, PSX games should simply start working.
It's low priority though Tongue2

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