Weird Screen Error
Hi Everyone, this is my first post and id´like to thanks everyone for the work you are doing.

The Emulator Runs great on my PC.
But during ingame I got a weird screen error on the right in DX9 (on DX10 the screen error its bigger) heres some screenshots.

[Image: th_03343_ingamescreen2_122_489lo.jpg][Image: th_03346_ingamescreen_122_891lo.jpg][Image: th_03352_videocfg_122_1000lo.jpg][Image: th_03353_cpucfg_122_812lo.jpg]
[Image: th_03360_speedhck_122_353lo.jpg]

Check the weird light screen on the right.

My Specs
Amd Phenom 9550
9600 GT
Windows Vista Ultimate

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It's a bug of GSdx,unfortunately nothing you can do about it at this time
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ok, Thanks, runs great anyway

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