Weird artifacts with hardware dx10
I just dled pcsx2 and was able to set up the ps3 controller and everything perfectly Laugh

So to test it I tried playing the closest ps2 game to my reach: destroy all humans.

I was able to play with dx9 and dx10 software rendering with perfect graphics. not a single artifact or buggy-looking thing whatsoever. the only problem was that my fps averaged around 18-24. DX9 and DX10 hardware(I say 'and' cause they don't make much of a difference when i try them both) averaged around 35-38, and maxed at 45 but had a BUNCH of weird artifacts on the screen, heres a pic of it on dx10 hardware:
I also set the D3D internal res to native and it ran pretty fast(a LOT faster than 1024x1024), and it was almost exactly the same as 640x640.

I started playing around with the settings to see if I could get atleast a higher fps but it seems like nothing made a *good* difference :\

My system isn't the greatest but its not like a stock P.O.S.:
- Windows 7/ubuntu 9.10(dual boot..i failed installing on linux xD)
- 64 bit
- 5 gb RAM
- 2.6ghz e5300 (no OC) with a huge non stock fan
- Radeon HD4670

So can anyone help me bring up my fps and hopefully remove those artifacts? (I'll leave them there though if it means a higher FPS Laugh) a few google searches have led me to people who have managed around 80fps. I know my gfx card sucks, but I'm sure it can go atleast 50

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