Weird gamepad button mapping issues in Black

I'm trying to play the game "Black" on PCSX2. This game was working fine for me when I was using LilyPad with keyboard controls. However, I'm now having some issues trying to play it with a gamepad using the SSSPSX Pad Pressure Mod 1.7.1 driver. This is the only driver that works with my gamepad, and it works beautifully in all my other games. I was just playing some Gran Turismo 4 and all of my controls were working just fine. However, when I try to load up Black, the X, Square, Triangle and Circle buttons dont work, amongst possible other buttons. The start button and joysticks work fine. One especially strange thing I noticed is that if I hold the R1 and L1 buttons down and then start mashing the X, Square, Triangle and Circle buttons randomly, it seems to send the X button signal to the game (fires weapon). It's very odd and I was wondering if anyone knows of a fix for this bug. Please let me know if you need any more information.


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Ok, just an update, I seem to have found a fix for the problem. I switched to the Lilypad driver and set the Game Device APIs to "DirectInput." This allowed the driver to detect signals from my gamepad. I mapped my controls using Lilypad and it's been working well so far. I guess this was just a bug in the SSSPSX Pad Pressure Mod plugin.

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