Weird glitched shadows
hey there! Need some help, when I play games like okami, every surface in the game has a really weird glitched textures that changes, moves and flickers when I move in game. Weird stuff seems to happen with shadows a lot in different games which is why I think shadows are the culprit. Any help would be great. Also any way to boost fps would be good too

Intel Core i7-2720Qm CPU
8192mb Ram
Intel HD Graphics family chipset AND Nvidia 2000m quadro

lemme know if you need more info

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Also, REALLY Noticeable glitch with Shadow of the colossus and it's... shadows
going on to software (as I've read in some threads) works, but it's ridiculously slow, is there a workaround?
Is it the same in DX10/11 mode?
(08-22-2012, 10:23 PM)rama Wrote: Is it the same in DX10/11 mode?

Some game effects just can't be replicated in the current hardware plugin
Meh, I'll figure it out, what I really want is an awesome configuration with good plugins. My laptop can handle quite a bit (even if it is a laptop) so a ps2 emulator shouldn't be much a problem, the thing is I haven't had much luck finding a good setup so any help would be appreciated
well my shadow problem fixed itself, or I did something Tongue2 so thx anw
I noticed that I have the same issue with shadows with the same combination of video cards, an intel for intergrated and an nvidia for dedicated, the dedicated one does it. Sometimes it does it sometimes not... Funnily enough, I have the same problem with shadows with jpcsp emulator ehich makes me think it's nvidia's issue. BTW I've already updated my drivers and dx but it doesn't seem to fix it.

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