Weird graphical glitches in every game I try?
Tried both Ar Tonelicos and Mana Khemia : Fall of Alchemy so far. Same thing in each. They are restricted to certain scenes only, plus videos. All portraits have these glitches too. I've tried the game fixes for Ar Tonelico / MK but to no avail, the game fix for MK only fixed some strange lines in battle for the sprites.

The glitch is essentially some random stripes and lines on the screen. Videos are completely covered in these and are unwatchable.

I'm new to the PCSX2 so is there some option I'm missing out on and which I should use? Additionally, does it matter which renderer I use? Mine is set to the 3D11 one on Hardware.

See here for a picture I grabbed to show some of the random strange lines.

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thats a result of the effects of hardware scaling on pixel offsets

try one of the offset hacks in the advanced hw hacks
Tried and problem persists. What I have enabled is Half-pixel Offset, Sprite and WildArmsOffset each on Half. (I think it's half? Sort of like V symbol on the box).

Here's how videos look like too. Any other thoughts on as how to fix this problem?

Edit : Disabling MSAA AND custom resolution seems to fix the problem?! Why is it that I can't use MSAA? Is there any noticeable effect even in using it? I just sort of figured it would make the game look better so I turned it on.

If I have native resolution but MSAA = still glitch. If I have custom but no MSAA = glitch. If I have native and no MSAA = No glitch.

Wouldn't the game look better on high-res plus msaa though? :/
MSAA affects the pixel edges preventing blending in many cases.
Custom res also causes pixel edge to use a different offset which can cause textures to overlap or in some cases, not stretch far enough to blend with an adjacent pixel

In some cases, (with some games) artifacts can start to appear at higher internal vertical resolutions on Geforce cards, than they do with Radeons.
Alright. I guess I'll just have to stick with native + no msaa then if there's no workaraound Sad

By the way, I just tried Tales of the Abyss. Runs pretty well on unchanged settings, but there seems to be a ghosting problem .. No image yet but you can find similar problems in google. But those threads suggested that there is a fix for it actually in the HW Hacks - problem is, I don't see anything relevant. I tried the Alpha and Half-pixel Offset but the problem persists. Again, I am aware that using native resolution would fix this. However, the game looks absolutely awful on native resolution (I Have this game on ps2, but it looks so bad that I cant play it ..), so it's not really a fix for me. I'm more interested in alternative workaround, if it exists?
the ghosting fix might be skipdraw

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