Weird problems with Onimusha Blade Warriors (Buraiden)
This is the NTSC-J version but I've seen similar reports on the NTSC-U version, which is supposedly playable. I've tried basically every setting and several versions of PCSX2, including what's posted on the wiki but the problems persist.


1. When you start the game there's a black screen when it asks you about saving.

2. The opening FMV runs full speed, but the menus run slower than 1fps even though the background music is playing at full speed and PCSX2 says the game is running full speed (with NO hacks enabled).

3. I've never seen any 3D graphics, the game shows a never-ending load screen after choosing a character.

I think Yanya Caballista had similar, yet unfixed issues. Anyway I want to know if the NTSC-U or PAL versions of Onimusha Blade Warriors are indeed playable, and if they are, why the NTSC-J version would possibly still have issues. If there's anything I can do to help let me know, I've attached the emulog

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Problem persists as of r5766.... same with Yanya Caballista. If anyone has been able to get either game to run full speed I'd love to know the settings

Edit: Buraiden seems working after manually turning on VIF1 fixes. Yanya still messed up

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