Weird sound when playing Black?
Hi there I currently got a new PS2 game Black and decided I might try it on the PCSX2 emulator, but found out that the sound sounded really weird, so why is that and my fps drop a little low sometimes, would love some help in fixing up the sound and etc...

Oh and my specs are my signature.


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Have you created an ISO image of it with imgburn or some similar software? If not, I would highly suggest doing that. Also, make sure XAudio 2 module is selected above DirectSound or anything else, as it seems to have the best quality. Other than that, it appears your processor wouldn't be causing much trouble (unless it is poorly overclocked and/or overheating). The video card is a bit lacking, IMO though. The 9500 was a budget card to begin with and that was a good many years ago to boot. Even if it is not your problem in this case, I'd seriously think about getting something better.
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Yeah Hoping to save up in the future for a 560ti graphics card, thanks for the tip, will try it out.

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