Weird thing on my screen
Hello folks,

I am new to ps2 emulating, and I've tried to set-up everything, as the guide says, and there's one error that's really annoying, here's a picture:

[Image: 206fsqs.jpg]

Even if I click X, it's still there and my game just freeze.
Anyone even experienced that and could help me?

Thank you in advance

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Yea, this is the inmafous Snowblind Engine bug. All their games have it and you can fix it by using the (slow) software renderer option in GSdx.
Note that due to a memory issue, software rendering can crash the emulator.
Thus these games are not considered playable right now.
Couple things before we can help you.

PC specs
PCSX2 version
Specific game

You can also help by posting the contents of your emulog.txt (found in your /logs/ folder) after the lock up occurs.

(edit) And beaten by someone who knows what they are talking about Wink
[Image: 2748844.png]
Oh right, thank you it went away.
But game is still bugged at the cinematic..
I guess i wont be able to play their games it sucks.
otherwise most rpg games work?
many of them, yes.
depends on which ones you actually own ...
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