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Well don't be active!
This isn't a court anyway so it's dumb to make that argument.

You might as well hypothesize if this were a dildo factory.
Yes, if this were a dildo factory we'd be having a lot more fun right now having hilarious sword fights rather than arguing with forum users.
Unfortunately, this is not a dildo factory.

We don't require that you provide proof of every game you rip. That much is obvious just at a cursory glance of the forums. When you tell us you downloaded the game, obviously it's going to raise some red flags. So you were warned and now you are being offered to remove the warning if you provide proof that you own this one game (and you're continuing to withhold it). No part of that request means you have to provide proof of every game you've ever ripped. So not only is it completely irrelevant whether it would hold up in court, It's not even an accurate representation of what you are being asked of. In other words, it's a strawman.

If you still think it wouldn't hold up in court, well, you're welcome to take me to court over it. I think you'll be laughed out of court for trying to make a case out of a forum argument long before they get a chance to laugh me out of court for our forum rules.

Our forum rules do not need to be legally binding nor do they have to be spelled out with every possible technically. If you don't want to follow them or the direction of the moderators you don't have to be here. Being a part of the forums isn't a right, it's a privilege.

Side note: why is this even in the support cat?
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It's just a question, shouldn't this thread move to chatterbox?
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Alpha Karen here really wants a go at the site administrator.....
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