Well my PM box is full again,is there is a way to delete things not move them?
The delete button does the same as choosing Trash Can from the list and click on the move button
6 Pages of PMs in "InBox" and "Send Item" to choose what to delete(mostly all)and then 12 pages in the Trash Can doing the same.

If they can't be deleted instantly from the inbox,maybe add an option to empty the trash can

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There is such an option. Click "empty folders" along the top and then tick the tick box by trash can and hit delete:

[Image: J8fG4kG.png]

You can also just delete straight from the inbox there.
[Image: XTe1j6J.png]
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I never actually look at what those tinny links say.

Inbox | Compose Message | Manage Folders | Empty Folders | Download Messages

Ok thanks.

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