What am I missing

I started using using the latest Beta of this one of a kind masterpiece but I can't stop wondering...

I am running a Phenom(X4) 965BE,until recently the flagship of the company and now PCSX tells me that it does not even support SSE3 let alone SSE4.Blink

How is this possible?

THX in Advance

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It doesn't support SSSE3 and SSE4.1. Alas, those are Intel only (for now, not sure if AMD has to license them) and even then, some of the instruction sets are only available to newer or more expensive chips.

Since you're on AMD, you have to use SSE2.
But CPU-Z confirms that it does indeed support them?

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3 means SSE3 not SSSE3 (note the 3rd S), and SSE4A is not even similar to SSE4.1/4.2.
Ok , thx guys.
I suppose this is a large bummer performance wise?
We need a new auto moderation tool for this question :/

Anyway, AMD has SSE3 (not SSSE3) and SSE4a (not SSE 4.1).
And yes, anything and everything you could say now has been said on this forum before.

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Edit2: No, it doesn't matter much for performance. Really, just use forum search and read any of the 1000 threads that come up Tongue2

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