What are .000 files?
So I’ve been trying to modify ATV Off-road Fury 4 for quite some time now. I’m no expert in programming and what not but I’ve tried my best to get information from here and there about modding PS2 games.

What I’m aiming for is really simple actually, just modifying AI names, and swapping their in-game gear color. But the problem is that, as I said, I’m not in an expert in this matter. The game has a ton of .000 files which I do really believe hold the game’s resources and assets, but the problem is that I can’t seem to open it. A google search of the file format gives back several results so I thought I’ll ask here to see if people know anything. I should also add that all the .000 files are 2048KB in size.

How do I open and view the contents of .000 files?

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Honestly, this forum is not a best place to ask such questions. Better go to ZenHAX or even XeNTaX forums, they probably can help you there.

Anyway, the file you're looking for were inside the ARCHIVE.IMP and it's header files, ARCHIVE.BIN. There's QuickBMS scripts exists for those files for extraction (Dunno about reimport/repack it back though).
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