What are the 7 "Nothing" games?
I'm just curious, I want to know the 7 games that does not work at all on PCSX2.

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Thank you
Well, "nothing" means exactly that: Those games do not start up, they never show anything.
It's common for those types that we tweak the boot handling a little and they become 100% playable.
I did recently manage to get a couple of games off the list, i believe it was in the 10's before, but applied some tweaks to help them boot.
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Oh great work keep it up pcsx2 team Wink
Sorry for posting but thread is funny at the first place.

There are 3 game remaining that do "nothing" World rally championship 4 eur , Dead or alive 2 - hardcore JP, Sega Superstars eyetoy eur, what is pcsx2 team do with this Laugh Officially booting that games and 0 nothing would look good in next progress report Laugh
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