What caused PCSX2 memory card access issue?
Initially, I was thrilled to have successfully set up PCSX2 on my Steam Deck. Later, I decided to move my .ps2 Memcard files from my desktop on Warpinator to the Steam Deck. To do this, I accessed the Memcard manager and changed the default folder to /home/deck/Warpinator. After completing the process, I inserted the Memcard I was using in port-1. However, I received a popup stating "Access denied to memory card: /home/deck/warpinator/Mcd001.ps2 The PS2-slot 0 has been automatically disabled. You can correct the problem and re-enable it at any time using Config:Memory cards from the main menu."

As a beginner in Linux, I'm not sure how to troubleshoot the issue. Some people have suggested that it may be related to read-only permissions, but I'm unable to locate where to set them. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling PCSX2, but it reverted back to the new memory card directory I had set. Unfortunately, I'm unable to find where the original directory was located, as the  Linux operating system omeglz can be confusing at times.

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