What do I need to play Lightgun Games?
I got PCSX2 up and running for a while now - and are looking forward to play lighgun titles like time crisis. But have a few questions about this whole thing.

What Hardware do I need?
Do I need a special PC lightgun? Or can I use the G-con 2 - can it be used with a cheap USB - PS2 Controller converter which can be found on ebay?

What Software do I need?
Any special input plugins?

How hard is it to set-up? Does it work properly?


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No idea how useful to you this will be,but look here
Okay, another thing is that I have obviously an LCD (with LED Backlight) - what Lightgun can handle those?
So I figured out that modern Lightguns work with infrared bars and are seen as "mouse" by the computer - just that it is controlled via infrared tracking of the gun.

So the Idea is: If you can get mouse support in the games - than you can use your lightgun - I'll borrow a Wiimote to test this.
More on the topic:

The nuvee plugin is the way to go.

Have it running with PCSX-R (PS-one) - works with time crisis 1
Though having trouble getting it to work with PCSX2 and Time Crisis Crisis Zone... but it probably only needs more tweaking and reading....
More to read:

other thing:
Somehow Time Crisis 2 - Project Titan doesn't work properly with PCSX-R ... you can shoot, and the sound + flash will accour, but the bad guys still don't fall over. Seems like an emulator glich - bacause this happens with controller and lightgun
this sucks :-(
Time Crisis 2 works with epsxe - but you can't realy edit anything about the Gcon Emulation - it's a simple "to-mouse" emulation where you see the mouse cursor, seems not suitable for real lightguns :-(

Hope there will be a PCSX-R Update which fixes the issue with Time Crisis 2

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