What do i have to do now ?
Well , to be honest ... i am completely new to this kind of stuffs , but i manage to play Final Fantasy XII(Japanese version) using Pcsx2 since it was an original Ps2 disc , recently i download an Iso file (Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System) , it's an english verision of it , but i try to mount it using MagicIso but it keeps go back to the system configuration of the PS2( the 1 which changes date , system , time , etc) of the ps2 , can any1 help me with this and tell me step by step hwo to play this iso file on my pc, i really hope u guys can help me , i'm freakin bored ....How to play Iso. files...

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This is in the wrong section. I also suggest you read the forums rules before posting next time, especially rule number 1.
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Yeah sorry but there's no support for downloaded games.

Moved, closed and warned.
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