What do the percentage readouts in the window represent?
One reads xx.xx fps (xxx%) and the other xxx% CPU. I originally thought that 'xx.xx fps (xxx%)' percentage represented what percent of 60 fps your getting and 'xxx% CPU' was processor utilization but someone told me I was wrong and on GOW in the menu Ive got: '60.00 fps (199%)' and '15% CPU'. I read somewhere that one of these represents VC usage but I dunno whats what.

EDIT: When I play the game Im reading ~35.00 fps (115%) and ~26% CPU

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the first one with "xx.xxfps" is (you know) the amount of fps you're getting, the second one "(xxx%)" is the percentage representation of the fps (which for 60.00fps is 100% or 99%), and the last one "xxx% CPU" is the amount of cpu usage for gsdx. Smile
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The last one shows CPU use for the video card. Meaning, how much gpu is using the game. If it shows 99%, you're GPU limited. If the task admin shows 99% of cpu usage, you're CPU limited.

Watch how that usage can rise up when bumping internal resolution values.

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