What fps are games supposed to run at?
Hi! So this is probably a dumb question but what is the standard fps rate to play a game smoothly? Like what do they run at on a normal ps2. When playing shadow of the colossus I get 30-35 fps with the default settings and putting cycle steal to 1 I get 45-50 fps and I can play the game fine but it seems slow at times idk if thats just the game tho. Should I tweak my settings more or will I probably not get any extra speed.

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on SOtC, not likely
you can increase vu cycle stealing with this game.
But Sotc originally slowed down even on a real PS2... I let you imagine how it renders when emulated.
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StoC doesn't run slowly on the PS2. It doesn't run smoothly due to frame skipping, however.

The VU Cycle Stealing is known to cause false FPS. Don't believe the framerate counter when you use VU hack, except in GoW games.
Maybe my specs aren't good enough? I have a amd ahtlon triple core 3.20 ghz processor, 4gb of ram, and a radeon hd 7850 graphics card.
Every game has different fps? :s
I guess correct one is render rate
Your specs aren't bad but games like these benefit greatly form Intel cpu's because of the SSE4 you can use in the GSdx plugin. I run SoTC at 60fps without cycle stealing and only recommended hacks @ a 1920x1080 internal resolution. I always got 40 - 50 but now that I can use SSE4 it's running much faster.
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