What games are you having trouble with???
I have started this thread for people that have a game that they having problems with, so the PCsx2 team knows what is working and what's not. And I also am hoping this thread with encourage some new plugins (video, sound, etc.) to improve this great emu.

So post the game name and what probs your having with it, and post anything you tried to make the game work so people don't post things that you already tried.....I'll post first.

For starters my sys specs are:
*os Win 7 x64
*cpu i7 950 OC'd
*mem 12 gigs DDR3 OC'd
*EVGA classified mobo (pretty sure its the e60).
*gpu 9800gt and GTX 590 (no SLI, just use one for a backup).

I have a massive PS2 collection and most games I have played run at full speed with no problems at all. Most games, that is, except 4 games. The only 4 games out of at least 50 games i have ran on this emu give me graphics problems, and even freeze at some points. The 4 games in question are:

-Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance (both 1 and 2)
-Champions of Norrath (both 1 and 2)

I have tried changing plugins as well as plugin options. I noticed I can get past most freezing issues with the Game Fix for FFX movies located under the emu plugin settings window. But I stil get very shaky graphics, extreme pixelation and sometimes half of the screen is mixed color pixels or half the screen just appears black or empty.....

I have also adjusted the resolution of the emu, and windows native resolution as well. I have OC my video card, reset its settings, played around with the GS, as well as other vid based options. I have prety much tried everything in the book. I have even swapped video cards in my machine and still same problem. Does anyone else have problems running these games? Any remedies? Thank you!
Just wanted to add that this thread is for people having game issues with the emu. This thread is meant to cut down on the number of individual posts when you have prb with a game, just post it here. ONE BIG thread for all game issues.
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When the other poster said that this section was created for a reason, I'm pretty sure he meant that...

It's already created. No need for this thread. Just take your bug report and turn it into a thread here.
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Pretty much as MyDreamName said.
And there are already bug report threads for those games.

Not a bug report, moved.
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I have a problem on DMC3.
I cant finish mission18.
Im on the stage that you fight
againt those boss. And you need to
form a circle to unlock the door.
But, I cant fight 3 boss.
(blue, violet & orange gems)
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