What happened to splinter Cell???
Now i understand the hard work that goes into programming this and i'm not here to hate on the dev's i just figured id give a friendly pointer to the dev's that a game that used to work the first splinter cell in the latest svn's crashes Pcsx2 I under stand that code sometimes gets broken I've found out this issue is specifically with gsdx so thanks for all the hard work you guy's do and thanks Smile

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"Splinter Cell 3" might have some problems - it can crash in the lighthouse, especially with Y-Axis 16:10 Widescreen patch enabled.
The other "Splinter Cell" games however, have never crashed for me; not with older nor with newer versions\revisions of PCSX2\GSDX.
"Splinter Cell (One)" has since like always had problems with the Audio (using SPU2-X), but it never crashes.
If you are NOT refering to "Splinter Cell 3", please test with the latest revision, and post the GSDX-log.
Also specify Were the game crashes (in the menu, in the training area, or what ever).
Ok so I'm Playing splinter cell 1 http://www.ign.com/games/tom-clancys-spl...ps2-481247 and with Gsdx set the moment i press launch the game crashes no messages it just says pcsx2 has stopped working if i set zogl it works perfectly Smile
Well I tried it with GSDX on the latest version 5698, and it's working fine here.
Do you have the latest DirectX Runtime, and the latest GraphicCard driver?
If so, post your Configuration Settings.
Is there an issue posted for this?
(07-08-2013, 05:53 PM)rama Wrote: Is there an issue posted for this?

You're asking me?
No, there isn't.
Updated Directx and pcsx2 same issue :/ got to view pcsx2 console Me running directly from disc and image both give same results it says Gsdx m_merge is null
In the GSDX Configuration, disable "Shade Boost", "Texture filtering", "8-bit textures", "HW hacks", and "AA1".
If the game now works (which is should), re-enable one thing at a time to locate the problem.
It was shade boost after all
Try with using "fxaa" instead (Page Up) Cool.
It requires a somewhat powerful GraphicsCard though.

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