What happened to zedr0n's PCSX2 progress?
Hello everyone,
Although the native macOS PCSX2 port has reached a standstill, I'm curious if anyone has information regarding zedr0n's whereabouts. He was previously working on the project and has since gone missing. I've noticed chat at least two others who are interested in carrying on his efforts. Are any of you able to provide an update?

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PCSX2 runs on macOS since one or more year ago, just get it from the official website.
It's concerning to hear about zedr0n's absence from the native macOS PCSX2 port project. While I don't have direct information about his current whereabouts, I encourage you to consider reaching out to online communities, forums, or social media platforms related to PCSX2 and macOS development. Engaging with fellow enthusiasts might yield updates or insights on the situation. It's heartening to know that there are others interested in continuing the efforts. Collaborating with them could potentially help in advancing the project. Stay connected within the community for any forthcoming updates or announcements.

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