What if someone were to do this?
Let's say someone just had a crazy amount of money and wanted to put together a killer pc.

If they were to get

4 Octo Core Nehalem based Xeon processors and if they were to put it into a quad socket cpu motherboard. So all in all that is 32 cores and 64 threads. so then they overclock the cpus to 3GHz each.

Would it be possible to run most games on pcsx2 in software mode at full speed?

Also, would it run games faster than hardware mode with a capable gpu?

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Pretty sure I remember reading posts by people using quad-cores about getting rather good speeds using GSDX software, but you're probably much better off with getting a decent GPU and living with the occasional hardware incompatibility. Your electricity bill from running 32 cores at full-bore will probably make the GPU option cheaper too lol.

In additional, throwing more cores/threads at PCSX2 only really helps the graphics plugin. If you find a game that is limited by the core emulator (bt/dynarec units, floating-point bugs, etc) then all the cores in the world won't make it playable Sad
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I'm not saying that I'm gonna do something like this, I'm just asking how something like this would perform. I'm perfectly fine with my i7 and radeon 4850
dont get Xeons, those are "server processors" which means they have ***** of stuff that prevents "errors" which makes em slower than normal CPU's.
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(02-27-2010, 02:49 AM)nataq01 Wrote: dont get Xeons, those are "server processors" which means they have ***** of stuff that prevents "errors" which makes em slower than normal CPU's.

You are talking about ECC support. The Xeon processors support ECC memory. ECC memory does from my knowledge perform lower than regular memory, but that is easily solved by not getting ECC memory. Plus memory perfomance on todays programs are negligible.

The Xeon processors perform just as well as desktop models. There are a lot of people who paid slightly more for Xeon processors instead of regular i7 models because they run cooler and operate on lower voltages so they overclock better.
I think its only the GPU plugin that would benefit, because PCSX2 only supports dual core so as far as I know. So I guess that would be interesting to see.
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Windows would be pretty slow and buggie on 64-cores mode, such configuration require special software. You could observe minor slowdowns even on i7's 4+4 modes.

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