What is going on with PCSX2?
I remember a time, some 6-7 years ago, when I first used PCSX2 on my pc.
It was an Intel [email protected], with 2GB of DDR2 and an 8600GT (256MB).

I played Dragon Ball Games, mostly Tenkaichi&Budokai 3 and Infinite World.

They all worked, on my pc, on Windows Vista, in DX10 mode, in 1024x1024 resolution with 60 FPS 95% of the time and a few dips, but none lower than 50 FPS.

This was on PCSX2 0.9.4-0.9.7

It should be noted that speed hacks were used to some degree (if not intensively), however, there were no bugs/glitches present ingame.

Then I got an Ati 3850, a GPU stronger than the 8600GT, and the troubles began.
Tenkaichi 3 would never again work perfectly for me.

I changed my pc afterwards - to a laptop with an i3-2350M (2.3GHz) and an 630M GT 1GB (Which is better than 8600GT, certainly, and also has DX11), and I tried my games there - the performance was simply afwul.. , I tried many plugin versions, all of the speed hacks, all of the presets - to no avail. The speed would max out at around 75% of the actual game speed (around 40FPS). I am talking about Tenkaichi 3. The other ones would run fine pretty much without speed hacks until the CPU throttled down to half of it's speed - that one had bad cooling.

So it had a weak CPU, I guess.

Now, I got another new laptop.

It has an Intel i5-2540M (2.6GHz but runs @3.1GHz without throttling at all) and an Intel HD 3000 (with Dual Channel Ram, it performs quite well), and for arguments purpose let's say it's speed is around 70% of the 8600GT (though it should be about equal, if not even better - however, I had the 3850 which was better, and that only decreased performance).

And now, AGAIN, I can't run Tenkaichi 3, getting around 35FPS average...

The CPU doesn't throttle, it runs at 3.1GHz constant. The GPU is peculiar, however -
it will not boost to it's max clock while playing this game, it usually sits at it's base clock of 600MHz and even though the GPU load is high and the GS engine is at ~ 98-100%, it will not boost speed.

Other games work fine either at native or 2x native.

The FPS in Tenkaichi 3 is pretty much the same regardless of the resolution.

For Fun's sake I also tried Tenkaichi 2 - even lower speeds (around 20FPS) on the same machine...

Here's the deal - What happened with PCSX2?

On my 7-year old PC it ran fine, then afterwards it didn't, however that old PC was slower than my current one, and yet everything runs worse?

I read these forums and I see all of the same messages - your PC is too slow for this/that...

If a game worked well on an E8400, how could it NOT on some i3 or i5?

I mean, it seems like instead of getting PCSX2 optimized it follows the hardware trends in making many games barely playable even on the newest machines - games that worked fine in the older incarnations of the software...

I honestly don't get it.

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you did some magic with your old Core2duo ? Tongue2

Even my C2D E4600 didn't run BT2&3 at more than 40fps at most scenes. about your new laptop, play the game while plugged in and set windows performance plan to high performance in controlpanel and please post a screenshot of all of your pcsx2 settings.
We're supposed to be working as a team, if we aren't helping and suggesting things to each other, we aren't working as a team.
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Well, no other than the speed hacks (which I don't really remember how they were setup).

And I was always playing 1vs1, I mean no split-screen p1vsp2.

As far as screenshots go, I'll try and add something later today, though I am not really expecting any improvements. Smile
I got 40-60 fps on single player mode. got 24-35 fps on split screen matches. also, make sure to play the game while plugged in and set windows performance plan to high performance in controlpanel to use your processor's full potential.
We're supposed to be working as a team, if we aren't helping and suggesting things to each other, we aren't working as a team.
- Refraction
Pcsx2's main goal has always been accuracy, not speed. It has the same philosophy as bsnes or zebra (perfect per cycle emulation).
Hence the requirements higher than before.
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Find a way to force 3D mode for your intel GPU. At least with nVidia, unless i tell it that pcsx2.exe should run at maximum performance, my GPU sits at 300mhz instead of 1000mhz
Which could be part of your issue.

with what Ssakash said, set your power plan to maximum performance.

All recommended speed hacks on, fast disc access (just improves load times) and MTVU.

I personally haven't played around with it, But setting EE cycle rate to 2 (33% underclock) may help with this game, But try that hack by itself, if you see an improvement, than turn on the others, if you don't, keep it off and just use the ones i suggested
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Please show the full emulog after you observed the slowdown.
Please screenshot all of your emulation settings and gsdx plugin settings.

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