What is pcsx2_{ZZ,ZZCG,GS}ReplayLoader ?
Hi there.

When building the current SVN pcsx2 in debug mode, it will be generated this three files in /usr/bin: ZZReplayLoader, ZZCGReplayLoader, and GSReplayLoader.

What are they and what are they intended to?

Thanks in advance

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All plugins can creates, what we call, a gs dump. A dump contains the current state of the plugin and all command send from PCSX2-core to the GS-plugin.

Those replay loaders allow to replay the gs dump. The plugin run in standalone mode.
1/ Only GS threads no more PCSX2 threads.
2/ standard behavior of segmentation fault. PCSX2 manages the memory in a special way which is very unfriendly with any linux debugger.
3/ don't need any bios neither game.
4/ You can create the dump in 1 backend SW/HW (CG/GLSL) mode (backend) and replay it on the others mode (backends).

With an opengl debugger (apitrace), it extends a lots the debug capabiilities of the GS plugins.

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