What is the best configure for FFX-2 FMV?
I only able to run the beginning FMV around 60 ~ 70% fps without DOT DOT effect with DX10 software. Ingame I get 99% fps.

Gsdx 1076 SSSE4
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Sw threat: 2
(All box is checked)

My PC spec:
C2Q 2.5Ghz
ATI HD 4870
4GB ram

But for Hardware rendering. I found alot of Square Dot appear on my screen.

The speed same at Software rendering 60 ~ 70% fps.

SO, any Idea to fix this or now still got problem with this (bug) ?.. If this question ask before .. I would like to receive the thread Link from this forum member.

Extra question:
1. The FMV file in the game is same as FFX ?
2. Do I need do some speedhack tweak ? (I have done alot of combination no improve at all.)

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First of all have in mind that FMV in this game are not fully playable yet (i mean you can't watch them exactly the same as you would watch on a ps2 yet). There is a work around though (still won't be able to run perfectly...but it won't be 2 far). First make sure you have latest build/plugins (GSdx 890 worked for me and make sure you update your directX). On renderer Option use Direct3D10 (Hardware). On interlacing try bob tff/bff or blent tff/bff (can't really remember which one i used exactly...) and finally make sure you set Native ON in D3d internal res. It'll will run the FMV much better this way. You may notice that the screen is a bit dark and the lower part of the screen will be black (same happened to me). Just try it and tell us the results.
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In the revision 1137 it says that it speeds up FMVs, maybe you should try that it might give normal or close to normal speeds.
Just do what pedro silva said. Play the game in native resolution and cycle through interleacing modes (press "F5" key during FMV playing) and it's the best way to view FMV. Any resolution above native will give you a black bar in the lower part of the video. But there isn't a full solution to this yet.

What is weird is that FFX-2 is supposed to use the same engine as FFX. But FMV is indeed different. Even FFXII plays FMV flawlessly compared to X-2. The game developers did something weird here, or so it seems =P (on X-2 FMV)
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well...if you use Proc that can overclock @3,8Ghz, i think you can get pretty "watch able" FMV @56-60 fps...Laugh Laugh Laugh

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