What is the latest 1.7.0 build that still uses the GSDx plugins?
I'm trying to create a "most compatible with" package for a Discord server, and for that I need the latest 1.7.0 build that still uses GSDx plugins.  Yeah, it's for the Sly games, since adding the GSDx plugins from 1.6.0 into 1.7.0 gives us playability while keeping new 1.7.0 features.  I told myself I would look for the last build that supports plugins when the merge happens, but I can't find it from looking at the builds list alone.

Also, I'd like to apologize for my previous actions on this forum.  I'm working on self-improvement and realizing that all the fuss I made on here - as well as all the things I said elsewhere are not okay.  I do apologize.

Edit: I found it, for anyone wondering it's v1.7.0-dev-1300-gfbffa1c7b.

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