What is this? (pcsx2.org)
I typed in the url as .org by mistake (pcsx2.org) and turns out it's a highly suspicious website with a download link. Clicking the download button presents a 668.85Kb file named PCSX2_Setup.exe.

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Note it says this:

Quote:Clicking this button launches our installer which will manage your download: learn more. This software is also available from the manufactures website.

Which means the installer will present you with a bunch of crapware to install before it ultimately downloads the PCSX2 setup from our site.

Those people of course get paid for each crapware that gets installed. So basically it's someone unfairly making money off of the software.
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Hmm I already told them to remove the site. Apparently they didnt listen.
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Why is this application free?

After clicking "Accept" you will be offered additional useful, quality software provided by our reputable partners. Your support of these software offers allows us to provide you with Free access to our software. All offers we present are 100% optional.

What dicks.
Quote:Copyright Removal

Thanks! We've received your legal request.

Please verify the status of each URL you've submitted to us in your Removals Dashboard. Google will only email you about this notice if we need additional clarification. If we comply with your notice in full, you will not receive any further email from Google about it.

Also reported to amazon as i believe they are using them for hosting.

Edit: they took the site down again
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Great! Usually this I would consider a futile effort because people like that won't let a copyright notice stop them and they will pull this ***** off again but given the url similarity many newcomers would have been easily mislead to the wrong site.
Was there an actual crime committed though? PCSX2 isn't trademarked, and AFAIK bundling crapware isn't a copyleft violation.
PCSX2's liscencing prevents you from claiming it as your own and making a profit from it.
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