What makes a webcam/keyboard/mouse special for PS2?
I mean, there are certain games that support keyboard/mouse but not all of them work properly, some even dont work or calibration is all over the place.

Pretty much the same with Police 24/7 Konami's Capture Eye web camera. It doesnt seem to work with my cameras (both Eyetoy models and a bunch of other old logitech cameras).

What kind of input/imagen support has Playstation 2 to not work with every single input/image device? Can this be hacked? Has anybody in PCSX2 Team debugged those games with specific peripherals?

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USB Cameras compatible with Police 24/7: Aiptek HyperVcam Home/ Mobile Amitech AWK-300 TEVion MD 9308 D-Link DU-C300 D-Link/Link AV LVC100 Hawking Tech UC-110 Creative Labs WebCam3, WebCam Plus CT6840 Samsung Anycam MPC-M10 Mtekvision Zeca MV402 MediaForte PC Vision 300 Terratec TerraCam Pro OmniVision OV51+ Trust SpaceCam 200/300 Lifetec LT 9388 BestBuy EasyCam U TCE NetCam 310u Medion MD9388 Webeye 200B

My guess is resolution or image format. I am kinda surprised so many are compatible. If you want to look in to what all these web cams have in common odds are you would find out why they work and the eyetoy and modern web cams do not work. Honestly I don't think even non Justifiers even work with this game.
All those cameras? Really? Wow, not even one Logitech camera when it is, by far, the most famous webcam brand of all times.

I will try to buy one of those.

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