What's holding me back?
Hi everyone. This project is awesome, so I start by saying thanks. I also apologize if this is like the 10 billionth time someone has been asked these questions but I DID do a lot of googling before resorting to creating this account and posting. Either the info wasn't out there or I just wasn't getting it.

Now, I know the first thing someone is going to ask for is my system specs, and I can do that as soon as I get home, but for the time being, I'm mostly looking for general advice here. My PC is a Toshiba laptop with an a6 processor and an AMD graphics card, but I don't know which one off the top of my head. For comparison, it can run Diablo 3 at max settings nearly perfectly, if that helps at all.

I am trying to run FFXII. And it *works* but the speed is incredibly inconsistent. I would happily accept that it's just that my hardware isn't good enough to run it smoothly, but it's not doing any of the things that it usually does when I'm running a game that it can't handle. CPU usage is like 40% with plenty to spare. It's not overheating or anything which is what usually happens when I'm running something graphically intensive. The hard drive isn't at critical. It's got 6 GB of ram, which seems like it should be enough. Not much running in the background. 

But I have been messing with the settings like crazy and nothing really makes that much of a difference. The game runs from 50-75% of the normal speed unless there are few to no character models on the screen. That's after tweaking every single setting in PCSX2 that I could find so far (everything has an effect but it's been minor). And that's ok if that's the best my PC can muster, but it just doesn't seem to be actually using everything it can. It feels like I'm just one stupid setting away from being able to run this game nearly perfectly. 

The TL;DR here is, if it's not using up my CPU power and it's not burning up my graphics card, what's holding it back?

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if you run it on software mode does it still have issue?
Unfortunately, I'm at work at the moment, so I can try that again when I get home. I can't answer any specifics like that for about 2 hours. If I remember correctly though, it was much worse in software mode. Borderline unplayable.
Please post the full emulog after you observed the Problem.

What are ee% and gs% values during slowdowns?
I can do that, but the problem is constant. I thought this could be a more generalized conversation here. Like, if the CPU isn't getting maxed out and the GPU isn't getting burned up, what could be slowing the rest down here? But yeah, I will get specifics when I get home for sure.
Disabling cool n quiet could help
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Unfortunately there are a lot of possible issues. Emulog and readings help identifying them.

I guess your CPU uses 40% of its total power. If it is an hexacore this is equal to two fully maxed cores and a bit bg load. But possibly your cpu is running in power saving... Or your gpu... Or you are using a disk instead of an ISO and have a slow disk drive... Or you keep your games or pcsx2 on an old USB drive... Or you use a virtual machine.. Or you use wrong settings... And probably a hundred reasons I can currently not think of.

So in general default settings are good for most hardware. Specific systems need specific settings. Therefore not much general hints except for the first time configuration guide.
If that's some kind of laptop power setting, everything is on maximum. If not, then I don't know what that is.
(08-11-2015, 10:06 PM)DrBretto Wrote: CPU usage is like 40% with plenty to spare.

PCSX2 mainly uses 2 cores. If your CPU has 4 cores, 40% CPU usage means 80% on 2 cores.
I will post them as soon as I get home so it can be a more productive conversation.

For reference though,it's a quad core. Nothing is in power saving mode. It's an ISO on the hard drive. No virtual machine. The vast majority of settings are default. Internal resolution doesn't seem to make much of a difference. I'ver tried every combination of the speed hacks and not much changes.

But so much for the easy answer. It looks like I'm going to have to post those logs. I will also post my hardware because it could just be that it's just not powerful enough. But 2 or 3 character models shouldn't make this much of a difference I wouldn't think. But then again, I don't know much about this stuff.

That might be it then. Does that mean there's no fix if that's the case?

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