What's the ideal software thread to set on a i7 quad?
Should hyper threading be in kept in mind when setting software threads or should only the number of cores matter?

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Depends I would say... As always...

Normally I would not consider ht cores. But maybe for some games they matter. Nevertheless I think it doesn't give you much speedboost if you have an octacore using 7 extra rendering threads or an quadcore using 3 extra rendering threads... Or whatever numbers you want to compare.

Ht imo only needs consideration for dual cores.
It depends on the game, but probably 5-6 most of the time. Hyper threading does help somewhat.
On my work I am using most of the time a computational intense program. I guess it's similar to pcsx2 in CPU requirements. Benchmarking ht cores show that they perform like 50% of real cores. So that would be similar to what doyen suggests. But still if you use 4 threads you have 25% load per core plus sum synchronization overhead. Using 5 threads you have 20% load per core and maybe a bit more overhead. I think this really doesn't matter anymore...

But if you use two threads and separate load into 50% of total or three threads with each covering 33% of the load that really makes a difference.you always should consider multicores in orders and four five and six cores share the same order even in base 2 system. Adding synchronization overhead you will even get for a 1000 node cluster get something like 7 extra rendering threads is the optimum.
This is weird software rendering is actually faster in MGS2 than hardware for some reason. The outdoor rain and codec scenes are really slow in hardware rendering for some reason.
Thanks, but does anyone else having issues with MGS2 codec scenes? I'm only getting 45fps in codec conversations with HW but 60fps with software. Also the tanker level seems to slow HW down as well to 50fps when SW is always at 60.
Nope using native res on hardware mode
(08-04-2015, 03:00 AM)Dr_Hycodan Wrote: Nope using native res on hardware mode

it seems to do that no matter what you try, the only thing I can think of is using the reverse speedhack to slow down the EE and see if that fixes it

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