What settings Can I make them go faster.
I've been trying some random games on my Laptop:
Asus G73JHx
8GB of Ram
i7 Processor at 1.6 GHz Self Overclocks to about 2.9Ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5870

Can someone review my settings and give me a reccomendation to speed things up or improve the framerate, most games for me are right now at about 25 ~ 35 fps.
Thanks for the helps fellow PS2 gamers/junkies/what ever u are in relation to the ps2 xD

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I'm not sure how i7 speedsteps, but for what I understood, it may not scale up at all if the overall demanding is deemed low. So you may want to look at alternatives to force it up for the chosen cores. Still I can't help in this instance.

For the actual problem, one reason is the stated above, if that CPU indeed gets near the max expected raw clock and with your VCard most games would run fine even without speed hacks. The 5870 by itself should be enough to go 2x scale or even more without seriously overheading the CPU.

Based in this, the best would be 'convincing' the CPU to throttle up, but until so you could try a few speed hacks:

EE clycle rate in the central position and VU Cycle stealing in the first past the resting position should do some miracle for most games (Xenosaga would be one those few the minimal VU can kill the synch with the sound and actually break the game because of it, most others will benefit without significant issues). For some games going to the second notch in the VU can help, try these hacks.

PS: 'cause the way PCSX2 works the "power saving" features works badly with it, but it's not for PCSX2 (same for any other application) to control it, that's an OS responsibility (and dependent on the CPU itself too) and less smart it may seen in some instances. Because of it it's advised to use some performance profile at least while playing PCSX2. The way it need to emulate many different actual 'processors', hardware ones, makes the timings far from trivial and real multithreading able to distribute the load between cores a very very difficult task.
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Thanks for the help man.
So let me get this straight, I wanna use the speed hacks inorder to trick my processor into believe that it needs more power so it will run smoother.

On another note, I guess its a off hand out of a guy with out much knowledge of this, but i guess it would best to suggest, some sort of system that will allow a user to decide a power profile and get pcsx2 to push it to the profile limit.
No, the speed hacks will not do the speedstep any better, to that you should disable it or. if that is the native raw clock, find a way to convince the CPU to run more quickly.

What the speed hacks can help is getting some more playability from a slow CPU, actually it's a compromise between accuracy and performance; the less the better.

If the CPU scaling down is due to some power saving feature, using a performance profile (at least while playing) may help alot.

PS: In windows 7 go to Control Panel -> Power options.
Take note of what is there and click the "show more options" if needed, it should expose a "high performance" option you may want to use whenever playing any game, specially PCSX2. Once the gaming session is over you can return the profile to whatever was there.
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You should find the 3 [Recommended] speedhacks to work well with most any games. Beyond that, I suggest you apply EE Cycle rate and/or VU Cycle stealing as needed. Additional, the other 2 [Not recommended] speedhacks or setting Clamping mode(s) to "None" may give improvement less often, and break games more frequently.

FYI - Your Core i7 (I'm guessing 720QM) will not reach that maximum Turbo Boost of 2.93Ghz with PCSX2. If engaged at 2 cores, I believe it's more like 2.398Ghz. Depending on what game you're trying, you may not reach full speed (even with hacks, etc...)

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